"Within moments, as if by casting a magic spell, Karen had all the students focused beyond themselves. She demonstrates how drama connects to environmental themes."
Ann Shahid
Education Director
Beidler Forest, South Carolina
“Our primary concern was to find a master stoyteller who understood the business angle as well as the creative. Karen understood this and became an integral member of our pitch team. She helped us perfect the way in which we presented the complex pitch to our client and brought it to life through appropriate and compelling story” 
Mary Lee Joseph
Creative Director
PGI, New York

“ She transforms the playing space with the power of her voice ”

Susan Campbell
The Brooklyn Pheonix
“ Something magical happens when a story comes out of this story teller and envelopes and audience ”
Michael Weiss
Marketing Director, Metro Arts
“ An outstanding performance artist who reaches out to her audience in a very receptive and unique way. ”
Joan McDonough
Programs Director, Artpark
“ Karen uses storytelling to open up children's creativity ”
NAPPS Storytelling Magazine
“ Come sit in the radiant presence of the magnetic Karen De Mauro ”
Daily Review, Silver Springs, Maryland
“ Karen gave a generous, unique and charming presentation ”
Carol Lewis
The Storytelling Center
"Karen gives valuable input and encouragement"
Len Cabral, Storyteller