“Our primary concern was to find a master stoyteller who understood the business angle as well as the creative. Karen understood this and became an integral member of our pitch team. She helped us perfect the way in which we presented the complex pitch to our client and brought it to life through appropriate and compelling story”
Mary Lee Joseph
Creative Director
PGI, New York
“Karen's aid to me was crucial in my academic and personal life as a whole. She works at such a level and depth of insight that she reconnects me with the reasons I went into medicine in the first place. Her ability to blend good science with personal style and rich communications skills continues to enhance my interactions with colleagues and patients alike.”
Dr. Ed McCarthy
"Teacher of theYear"
Johns Hopkins University
School of Medical Education

“Karen's keen insight and methods transform individuals; her process works time and again”
Kathy Sorensen, CAO
Financial Industries

“With the proficiency and care of a Master Teacher, Karen De Mauro weaves together a magical blend of communication skills uniquely tailored to compliment each individual's gifts and personality. Her insightful and engaging style of instruction instills new talents within each participant as well as embracing them with a fresh appreciation for the skills behind the art of communication. Karen is a gifted teacher, a skillful communicator, a delightful individual with a passion for life and the joy of communicating. She truly is a star!”

Rodney Byendor
Minister / Hospice Coordinator
VistaCare Family Hospice
“Karen De Mauro brings skill and a deep humanity to her work. Even after years of enjoyable presenting I picked up many useful suggestions. She is a star teacher.”
Dr. David Capper
Internist, Fort Worth, Texas
"Karen creates outstanding, memorable Management Retreats. We have heard nothing but glowing responses about the content of the materials that were presented and the quality of the presentation and facilitation."
Sharon A. Burstein
Director, Community and Public Realtions
Fidelis Care